CX & Loyalty Awards

KSA 2024



Customer expectations have evolved over the years and will continue to do so. Delivering extraordinary customer experience for the products and services offered has become hugely important for any business for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The MENA CX & Loyalty Awards 2024 will celebrate excellence in the field of CX and loyalty and provide you with a unique opportunity to gain recognition in front of a global CX audience. It will honor market leaders with a revolutionary track record in customer retention strategies and honor brands, deploying best-in-class techniques to deliver customer experiences that ultimately build customer loyalty.


Take a moment to explore the categories, learn more about each award’s criteria, and nominate individuals who exemplify excellence in their work, particularly in the realm of customer experience (CX) and loyalty. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements that shape our industry, inspire future generations, and elevate the standards of CX and loyalty practices. Your nominations play a crucial role in honoring exceptional professionals and fostering a culture of excellence within our community, driving customer satisfaction and long-lasting loyalty.

This category is for appreciating, recognizing & empowering the CX professional across the industry in the MENA region. An individual practitioner who has pioneered Customer Experience and Loyalty while setting a milestone for a better experience for the customers.
This category identifies and acknowledges the team that works diligently to ensure maximal customer satisfaction. It is to reward dynamic team efforts in delivering a magnificent customer experience across all touchpoints.
This category recognizes brands & organizations that allow new and loyal customers to gain maximum benefits. This award is for companies that have implemented creative and rewarding customer loyalty programs, structured to maximize engagement and encourage repeat purchasing. Key features of the loyalty program:
This category recognizes a culture that puts customer satisfaction and requirements first. This award is to recognize an organization that has customer satisfaction and loyalty as its main priority and has instilled the same in the core of the organization.
This category recognizes ministries, agencies, or other departments at a government organization that has elevated their service to provide experiences that captivate, engage and help serve customers. This award is to appreciate the organization that has managed to receive the maximum number of ‘HAPPY’ customers.
This award category recognizes organizations or companies that have recently launched or significantly enhanced their loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and retention. The award acknowledges the efforts and achievements of businesses that have successfully developed innovative and effective loyalty initiatives, creating meaningful connections with their customer base. The criteria for this category could include program design, customer benefits, technology integration, overall impact, and measurable results.